Hitech torture to cause great pain

Countries like India are officially democracies where every law abiding citizen has equal rights and a woman can file a case against a man if he even touches her physically. However the provisions of the Indian Penal code do not take into account the sophisticated invisible directed energy weapons which have been developed in the last few decades , which are being used extensively by the indian intelligence and security agencies to attack and cause great pain to harmless indian citizens out of hatred, greed and casteism.

Other than the great pain experienced by the harmless victim which is unbearable, and can leave the person crippled for a few days, there is no proof of the radiation attack as the attacker remains invisible, and the weapons used do not leave a physical mark on the external surface of the body. However internally the brain tissues, cells and other parts of the body are being damaged by the pulsed radiation, and the brain is being informed of the pain, so that the victim being targetted can take action to reduce the damage. Medical professionals in India, especially goa, are also either intentionally or otherwise refusing to acknowledge the damage caused by the radiation weapons, dismissing the problem as a psychological problem.

Hence it has become important for the harmless obc single woman domain investor, engineer being tortured daily the cruel criminal anonymous stalker in panaji, goa to find legally valid proof of the attack she is being subjected to daily for more than 5 years now, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money. If a law enforcement official would daily beat up a harmless engineer out of hatred or greed, the engineer could definitely file a case against the official. Similarly this information will be needed to file a writ of mandamus with the high court to find the names, designation and organization of the officials involved in the daily torture of a harmless single woman engineer.

Officially the security and intelligence agencies procure the expensive equipment for law enforcement, against terrorists and troublemakers, However the reality is that in panaji, goa at least for the last few years, officials who control the expensive directed energy weapons can be easily bribed by large corporates like google, tata and others to use it on harmless civilians in their home, who may be using the computer or working offline, for destroying competition, acquiring talent and technology cheaply. In other cases, officials hate a whistleblower for exposing the fraud of their mediocre friends and relatives like goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, slim obc sex bribe giver sunaina, shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar and are ruthlessly attacking her outside the home to cause great pain, due to which she cannot use her mobile phone.

It is time people are aware of how indian tax payer money is being wasted to cause great pain to small business owners, especially domain investor to cause great pain, ruin their health and finances. India citizens tortured using radiation weapons can send an email to info@textads.in for help