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Comparing slapping and microwave burns pain

The indian penal code under section 323 acknowledges that a person will experience pain when slapped without any provocation , and many people have been sentenced and imprisoned for slapping a person without any provocation, which is well documented in the mainstream media with the Goa MLA Micky Pachecho being the most famous recent example in Goa.
However few indian citizens are aware of the fact that they when they experience very great pain suddenly at a particular place, they are probably being tortured intentionally by ntro, security agency employees with microwave radiation weapons to cause microwave burns, great pain, because these government employees have been bribed to do, or are motivated by hatred or greed. The pain caused by microwave burns is usually far more than that caused by a slap, however it remains extremely difficult for the victim to provide medical evidence of the pain.
The government employees involved in the torture are also remain hidden, cannot be identified or held accountable so it becomes extremely difficult for the victim to do anything to get justice. These cunning government employees are also labelling anyone complaining of microwave burns pain of having a mental problem, so most victims will keep quiet and endure the pain.
Only western democracies like the United states, England are willing to acknowledge the fact that directed energy weapons exist and can cause very great pain.