pain,  torture

Experiencing pain when exposing fraud

Like the lower caste tamil poet who was terrorized into stopping writing, NTRO and other government agencies are also ruthless in punishing those who will post content online, especially negative content, exposing fraud, nepotism and corruption in India. Their favorite way of punishing an indian citizen using the internet is to focus directed energy weapons on the citizen, causing great pain due to the radiation burns caused.
In particular the associates the shivalli brahmin R&AW employee bbm nayanshree hathwar are ruthless in torturing the engineer she cheated, when the engineer will complain, causing great pain.
Many indian internet users are complaining about experiencing a headache or backache, when they are using the internet indicating that the officials are ruthless in torturing most the real internet users intentionally out of hatred and greed.
Unfortunately most of the indian mainstream media, high profile bloggers do not have the honesty or courage to expose the great pain experienced by harmless indian citizens, because they are part of the system, and indian intelligence and security agencies, especially cbi only allow those with a certain mindset to succeed