How mobile phones are used to cause headache

In the last 7 years, allegedly trained by tata, google, the indian security and intelligence agencies have perfected the art of using mobile phones to cause headaches and great pain, using the mobile phone location to correctly guess the position of the victim.
They know that if the victim is in a particular room the fan is likely to be switched on,and the mobile phone can be used to pick up the noise of the fan. They will then target their directed energy weapons accordingly to cause microwave weapons, a severe heache and other types of pain. For example, in panaji, goa at 11.40 am some cruel criminal government employees, on the payroll of google, tata, again attacked the harmless engineer causing a very severe headache, forcing her to flee the room.
In the other room, the mobile was not taken, so she did not experience any pain, as those torturing her could not pinpoint her exact location.