I Think It’s Important to Have a Really Good Balance of Care

The Peoria chiropractor that my husband, myself and my kids go to really helps our family. My mom went to one when I was a kid, and she also took me to the same one. I remember having some ailments that confounded my pediatrician, but the chiropractor was able to fix the issues. I think everyone should see both types of experts for help. Too many people go to physicians and then give up when their physician can’t help solve whatever problem the patient came in with in the first place. I let everyone know that they should do both.

Funny how life can affect your back neck and legs so much. I can’t say that I’ve been really hard on my back, but yet I do have a bed. I should probably say that I used to have because getting chiropractic help has really changed that for me. My husband plays a lot of tennis and he likes to work out and run. It keeps him looking and feeling good for the most part, but he is really bad about pushing himself too far. This affects his back. As for our kids, we take them for chiropractic help to handle things their doctor doesn’t know how to solve.

Another thing that I think is very important for people to do is to get massages on a regular basis. This really helps a person to feel like they can move better and it helps a person to feel less stress overall. My husband and I go for massages at least a couple of times per month. We don’t do that for the kids just yet, but we do have a massager at home and I make sure to run it over their backs and necks for them. They really enjoy it and they even notice how it loosesn them up, too.