pain,  torture

After some time, harassment ceases to be effective

Though initially for the first few years, the harassment and mental torture techniques used by the indian intelligence and security agencies against a female domain investor and google competitor were fairly effective , over a period of time, they cease to have any effect on the organized stalking victim. An ex hostel mate of the domain investor was commenting that if she had been subjected to so much harassment and mental stress, surveillance for more than 7 years, she would have given up or had a breakdown.
However the domain investor was considered a quick learner all her life and after some time, she realized that the incompetent corrupt dishonest indian intelligence and security agency employees are only replicating whatever they have been taught in their training , not realizing the effectiveness of the torture method. Now all the harassment methods used by the indian intelligence and security agencies are a good source of entertainment and content for the websites, the descriptions of the associates of intelligence, security agency employees are known, and published online.
Instead of repeating the same content, each stalking incident provides fresh unique content, as usually the stalking group are using a different person for every stalking incident.
So it would be interesting to find out how much longer the freelancer government employees working for google, tata will continue with their harassment, wasting indian tax payer money.