pain,  torture

Tortured while using the laptop, internet connection

It appears that ntro, security agencies are using the internet connection to find out the position of a google competitor, domain investor so that they can torture her accurately to cause great pain, slowly murder her. On 1 July 2017, the radiation levels were increased to cause great pain, in an area in Panaji, goa in the afternoon around 3.30 pm, making it difficult to stay in the house. However when the domain investor went to another place about 500 meters away, the pain immediately reduced as the radiation is concentrated in an area of about 25 square meter to cause the maximum damage.
In the evening at 7 pm , when the domain investor was using the internet, she again experienced great pain in the chest, and the next day also in the morning great pain was experienced due to some high tech weapon being tested on her by the cruel criminal ntro employees, freelancing for google, tata . Immediately the domain investor disconnected and left the room so that the ntro employees could attack the walls