pain,  torture

Infra red imaging widely used for torture in panaji, goa

Most people take a holiday to enjoy themselves, in panaji, goa a domain investor and google competitor has to go to a hotel room to avoid torture , human rights abuses, microwave burns, great pain caused by the cruel criminal contract killer ntro, security agency employees allegedly hired by google, tata. On 13 August 2017, at around 12.15 at noon, the domain investor was seated on the bed, and reading, after a few minutes the contract killer ntro, security agency employees in panaji, goa immediately attacked her with radiation weapons causing great pain, forcing her to immediately leave the room.
The contract killer government employees are allegedly using infrared imaging to detect where exactly she is seated in the room and are attacking her ruthlessly to cause very great pain after causing microwave burns. The cowardly indian mainstream media refuses to carry the news of the endless atrocities of the cruel criminal sex animal contract killer ntro, security agency employees on harmless indian citizen using radiation weapons.