pain,  torture

Radiation torture of google competitor continues on ganesh chathurti 2017

Though the media is full of stories about the unrest in north india following the arrest of baba gurmeet ram rahim and damage to government property, indian government employees continue to waste their time, resources, equipment to stalk and torture a harmless google competitor, domain investor in panaji, goa with radiation weapons on 25 August 2017, causing great pain, headache, insomnia and other health problems
To escape the torture the domain investor had gone out to the few places for a few hours, after she came back, the torture has continued causing more health problems, headaches, microwave burns. The pain is so severe that she cannot sleep at night and during the day, and also cannot sit in any place without being stalked and tortured.
It also indicates the lack of humanity of the contract killer government employees who are stalking and torturing a harmless indian citizen to help google destroy competition.