Natural Help is Turning out to Be Much Better Than Pain Pills

I called a chiropractor in Sacramento because I wanted to know what kind of help he could offer me. I spoke to a really helpful woman at the front desk who answered all of my questions. I told her that my doctor had been loading me up with different pain prescriptions that were not working very well, and I wanted to know what her office could do for me. She said that they focus on helping people in natural ways, and they would like the chance to see if they could help me. That is exactly what I wanted to hear, so I made an appointment to be seen the very next morning.

I can’t think of any one thing that pointed to being the the cause of my bad back. It just happened slowly over time. Each time that it happened, I hoped that it would go away. It did go away for awhile, but the pain always came back. Then, it got to the point where I had trouble all the time. Pain affects your life in countless ways. I had trouble getting out of bed to do simple errands that needed to be done. I had trouble taking care of my home by keeping it clean and cared for. I had trouble doing all the things that my children need me to do as well. I found myself needing to ask my kids to take up a lot of slack, and I felt so guilty about it.

My doctor told me repeatedly that there wasn’t much she could do for me unless I wanted to have back surgery. She told me that back surgery is never a sure thing, but that I could try it if I wanted to. It didn’t make sense to me to spend a lot of money on an invasive procedure that had a low chance of success, so she gave me pain pills and sent me on my way repeatedly. The chiropractor that I see now said that it’s not true that surgery and pills are my only options, and he is proving that to me with the help he is giving me at each appointment.