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New wireless torture weapon causing great pain used by NTRO on google competitor

The google competitor is forced to spend most of the day outdoors as the powerful NTRO employees led by j srinivasan are ruthless in stalking her and attacking her at home, with the latest radiation torture weapons causing very great pain
On October 6, 2017, a new weapon was used, which caused very localized and sharp pain to the google competitor when she was eating, reading and sitting on a sofa. The pain was so intense, that the google competitor thought that she was getting a stroke or suffering from very serious ailment. However it showed one feature of all radiation or wireless weapons, that the pain was only location specific, when the google competitor moved away from the room, the pain immediately reduced and almost disappeared.
Usually radiation weapons cause pain and microwave burns to the entire head, however in this case, only a small area of the head was in great pain, indicating that a new torture weapon was being tested. So the domain investor tries to be out of the house during the day, as NTRO employees have focussed all their expensive equipment for harassing her in a particular place only.
Now when the google competitor goes to houses where she was living earlier, she is not experiencing any major pain in 2017, unlike in 2012-2015 where she was experiencing so much pain that she could not sleep.