pain,  torture

Tortured at every opportunity by sex animal cruel criminal google, tata, ntro employees

The google, tata employees in panaji goa are the greatest sex animals and frauds duping people, companies that lazy greedy goan sex workers sunaina, siddhi, frauds have the resume, investment, paypal account of a harmless google competitor.
Additional these cruel criminal animal like google, tata employees are also stalking the harmless google competitor at every opportunity and attacking her with radiation weapons causing very great pain , headache.
The google competitor is attacked by the sex bribe taking ntro employees even when she is not doing any work on a computer. The latest criminal attack took place on October 25, 2017, in panaji, goa at around 5.30 pm, as the google competitor made the mistake of being at a place which was visible from outside.
This clearly indicates the terrible plight of the google competitor who is criminally attacked repeatedly causing great pain by the sex animal ntro employees in panaji, goa, which makes it extremely difficult to forgive those who torture her.
The radiation torture is a common problem faced by targetted individuals as confirmed by Harlan Girard in the article in washington post in 2007