pain,  torture

Google competitor criminally assaulted again with radiation weapons for complaining about NTRO financial fraud, sex racket

Google, tata, ntro are ruthless in assaulting the google competitor whose resume the NTRO employees have stolen to get their lazy greedy goan sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud relatives, friends lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with fake resume, fake investment and fake online work at the expense of the google competitor who is getting nothing despite doing all the work, investing all the money .
The latest criminal assault of the sex animal ntro, security agency employees in panaji, goa on the harmless google competitor took place at around 10.24 am on November 11, 2017 using radiation weapons, causing microwave burns, headache and very great pain
When NTRO employees are repeatedly criminally assaulting the google competitor with radiation weapons to cause microwave burns, damaging the cells of her head, hairfall is natural