Getting Settled in Here in California

Of course it is not ideal here by any means, the cost of living here is just flat out outrageous and if all things were equal I would have been better off without the promotion and the relocation. Things were not really offered to me as a choice though. The company needed me here and they gave me the choice of having a job in California or not having one elsewhere. At any rate I just got home from seeing a chiropractor in San Rafael after I hurt my back while I was moving into my new place, a tiny little house that I found by accident. In fact I was coming home from my first day at work and I took a wrong turn. The place was literally around five blocks away and so long as the weather cooperates I can walk to work in a few minutes. That is great with me since there just is not any parking there. It would literally take less time to walk there than it would to find a space to park.

In fact one of the girls at work has been parking in my driveway since she found out that my place is right down the street. Another guy wants to rent the loft above the garage, although I am not really sure that it is safe. I went up there and got the distinct feeling that I did not trust the flooring. It was obviously built by an amateur. There is room for a tiny apartment, although only if you are not too tall and you do not want to walk anywhere except the center of the room. Of course I want to fix this place up, because it would probably double in value if it were in really good shape.