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Google, tata sponsored Indore criminal R&AW employee beautiful fraud deepika again criminally assaults google competitor

One of the greatest criminal cruel R&AW employees in India is Google, tata Indore criminal R&AW employee beautiful fraud deepika who is too lazy and mediocre to start her own online business yet is involved in theft of the documents of a harmless google competitor and now falsely claims to have the resume, investment of the google competitor to get a monthly R&AW salary,
As the ruthless lazy greedy google, tata sponsored indore criminal deepika like veena is getting a R&AW salary without doing any work and without investing any money online, the payment she receives is wasted to stalk criminally assault the google competitor repeatedly with radiation weapons .
On 12 december 2017, the criminal contract killer security and intelligence agency employees in panaji, goa hired by the google, tata sponsored criminal indore R&AW employee, again criminally assaulted the harmless google competitor, whose resume, investment the indore fraud falsely claims to have to get a monthly R&AW salary
The axis bank ad for credit and debit card ad features actress deepika padukone do the official about the criminal activities of the fairskinned beautiful bespectacled indore criminal R&AW employee deepika, veena who have stolen the documents of the google competitor for identity theft and are criminally assaulting her daily with radiation weapons causeing great pain