Effective Sciatica Treatment Without Surgery

A Concord chiropractor saved me a lot of time and money, and likely a lot of pain, by providing several different treatments that allowed me to avoid surgery for a Sciatica condition. If you’ve never had Sciatica, consider yourself lucky. It’s a debilitating nerve condition that really wears down your ability to live a normal life. I never expected to find myself with this condition. If I had to guess, I suspect I got it from a combination of old age and sitting around in front of the computer all day. I don’t really know how I got it, though.

Whatever the case, I needed to do something to alleviate the pain because it was making life very difficult. Sleeping became a chore. If I did manage to get some sleep, the pain seemed worse in the morning when I got up. Over the last several months, the pain became so great in the morning that it took twice as long as it used to do just to get ready and get myself into work. Obviously something had to be done. My doctor ultimately decided that the best way to help the problem was through surgery.

I wasn’t about to do surgery. Surgery should be the absolute last option for anything. Surely, I thought, there has to be someone out there who can help. That thought led me to the chiropractor and I’m so thankful I took the chance and went in for an appointment. My Sciatica isn’t gone, but it’s so greatly diminished that most days I don’t even worry about it. It’ll still flare up from time to time, like an old enemy you really don’t want to see again, but when it does it doesn’t hang around long. To think I actually considered surgery to get rid of this condition!