They’re Still Useful for Something

A little injury took me on a journey into the past. I was working on my gutters and fell off the ladder. I was the only one at home, and at first I thought that I was done for, but I was still able to move. I walked inside while being in pain. I had to find a chiropractor to look at my back. Even though I broke my phone in the fall, finding San Francisco chiropractors was pretty easy with the aid of the phone book, something that I never thought I would actually have to use.

The phone company keeps sending the phone books every year. Even though most people can just call a special number to find out information about services or locations in their area, or use the Internet to find what they need, there are still those people who don’t like to use the Internet or phones for this. These people are usually old and can’t stand dealing with new forms of technology because they can’t understand it. It’s a good thing that I didn’t throw my books into the recycling bin, or I would have had to look for a chiropractor the hard way.

Using the phone book, I called a chiropractor and made an appointment and made my way to his office. I was lucky to be able to make an appointment for the same day. Usually when I request a same day appointment for something, they tell me that the spots are all full and that I’ll have to make one for the next day. The fall caused me to have some slight fracturing, but it was nothing too dangerous. The fracturing would heal with time and help from a brace. I couldn’t do anything heavy duty for a while but that was fine with me.