A Chiropractor Helped Me with My Fatigue

I have heard some good things about chiropractors, but I had never been to see one up until a few months ago. I thought that people who were having back issues were the only ones who went to see this type of medical professional, so I was surprised when my doctor suggested that I see one for the fatigue I had been experiencing. I figured that I was just tired because I was not sleeping well, but I had no idea why I was so restless at night. That is why I went to my doctor in the first place.

He gave me an examination and did some tests as well, but everything came back just fine. I thought he would be stumped, but he was quick to suggest visiting a chiropractor. When I told him that my back was not bothering me at all, he told me that it was quite possible that the issues had everything to do with my back area. He puzzled me on that one, so I had to ask him what he was talking about. He told me that a chiropractor is not just a doctor who helps people who have back pain.

He explained that everything in the body is connected to the spine in one way or another. He further explained that chiropractors can help with everything from knee pain to migraines, and everything in between too. I decided to follow his suggestion, and I am so glad that I did. The chiropractor did an adjustment on my spine that first visit, and I actually slept better that night. After my third adjustment, I was not having any more problems sleeping, and the fatigue left just as quickly as it had come on. The chiropractor is now a regular part of my medical team, and an important one at that.