Google competitor forced to go underground to avoid radiation torture, cancer

On 13 April 2018, a lady living close to the house of the google competitor died of cancer.She was not very old, less than 60 years of age, according to her orbituary published in newspapers
One of the harsh reality of living in goa,especially that area, was that radiation levels are extremely high, causing great pain, making it difficult to sleep at night , causing memory loss and cancer in the long term.
When the google competitor was spending most of time at her home, she was suffering from a lot of headaches and other health related problems as R&AW employee sex worker sunaina was recruited to spy on her
Now she spends less time in her house, those torturing have greatly reduced the radiation levels in the area as the intention is to cause great pain.
So increasingly people go underground, trying to avoid cancer caused intentionally by indian government employees freelancing for google, tata