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    Google competitor criminally assaulted again with radiation weapons when BSNL connection is used

    The sundar pichai led google is ruthless in defaming, cheating and exploiting the harmless google competitors, bribing ntro employees to steal their identity, savings for sex workers and other frauds
    Additionally the ntro employees are also instructed to torture the competitor with radiation weapons
    On June 28, 2018, the google competitor had to inform a vendor about a payment which was made, so the BSNL connection was used.
    Immediately the google competitor experienced very severe pain, headache as the BSNL sim card was used to trace the location and increase the radiation levels to cause microwave burns, extreme pain at around 3.44 pm.
    When the BSNL USB dongle was removed, the pain immediately reduced, a clear indication that the dongle was used for transmitting dangerous radiation

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    Radiation torture of indian exporters continues

    One of the reasons why the indian rupee is crashing against the US $, reaching close to historical lows, with the current account deficit increasing, is because bribed by google,tata the indian government continues with its great fraud of rewarding all those who commit crimes on indian exporters with R&AW/cbi jobs, falsely claim that the criminals are exporters though bank details, income tax returns will expose the fraud.

    These fraud raw/cbi employees like indore document robber veena, deepika, goan gsb fraud riddhi nayak, naina, nayanshree hathwar are then using the salary they receive to stalk and torture the real exporter, making completely fake allegations of black money and money laundering without any proof,

    For example on 27 June 2018, the exporter received a Paypal payment from foreign customers, and fraud raw/cbi employees bribed the criminal government employees to torture her using radiation, causing great pain, in a clear example of human rights abuses against harmless hardworking indian exporters who actually make money in US$

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    Like CBI employees, NTRO, R&AW employees get great pleasure torturing citizens

    The 8 June, 2018 episode of colors serial Bepanah, showed the cbi officer Rajvir Khanna getting great pleasure, smiling and laughing, watching his associates attack Aditya Hooda and Zoya Arora, who he had framed for the murder of their spouses and then jailed. As Rajvir Khanna was aware that he would face a case of custodial violence if he attacked Aditya hooda, he had his goons attack the prisoners

    In the jail cell, Aditya Hooda and Zoya Arora were handcuffed, so that the victims could not retaliate and then attacked by cbi goons. This shows a hidden and unpleasant aspect of many intelligence and security agency employees, abuse of power, torture, which the mainstream media rarely covers, yet is the harsh reality of living in India in 2018. In an earlier episode cbi officer Rajvir Khanna threatened to shoot Aditya hooda, and claimed that he would say that he was killed in an encounter.

    The domain investor owning this website has been defamed without any proof, cheated , exploited, tortured since 2010, by indian intelligence and security agencies, allegedly bribed by google, tata and now understands the mindset of these powerful government employees for whom torturing indian citizens is a kind of game, or fun. For example powerful cbi employees kodancha, nayak, hathwar have not found any proof against the domain investor, despite putting her under surveillance since 2010, yet take a sadistic pleasure torturing her, monitoring her especially in the bathroom, in different states, and different homes , denying the right to privacy which the indian constitution guarantees to every citizen.

    When the news of the sexual harassment is posted on the website of the domain investors, ntro employees falsely claim that they are being defamed and force the webhosting company to shut down the webhosting, yet the harsh reality is that indian citizens are being tortured. However just as the character of cbi officer rajvir khanna, and his activities are likely to be based on the true stories of those who are framed or arrested by cbi,the news posted in the websites are largely based on real life incidents

    An open question to j srinivasan, and other ntro, R&AW.cbi employees who are harassing webhosting companies, asking them to suspend webhosting for websites exposing the ntro sex, bribery racket, financial fraud , when the colors serial bepanah can show cbi officers in a very negative light, why is the domain investor , online publisher only being harassed for posting negative news about raw, cbi, ntro

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    Google competitor criminally attacked while doing offline work

    8 years after they started their identity theft racket, the google competitor continues to be stalked and criminally attacked with radiation weapons repeatedly by the ntro employees involved in the identity theft racket.
    On 16 June 2018, the google competitor was doing some accounting work offline, using paper and pen, yet the ntro employees who are stalking her, criminally attacked her, causing great pain, forcing her to abandon the work, and go elsewhere
    This clearly shows how ruthless government employees are in stalking criminally attacking harmless citizens, in panaji, goa