Radiation levels increased drastically to torture google competitor in panaji,goa

Not satisfied with stealing savings, identity, correspondence and memory and everything from the google competitor, the money, sex bribe taking criminal fraud liar cheater ntro employees are ruthless in stalking and torturing the google competitor
If she will do anything to increase her revenues the sex animal ntro employees who are contract killers for google,tata will immediately do everything possible to cause great pain to the google competitor, to ruin her health
After they have blocked all article writing work on iwriter, they are also not allowing her to monetize her domain names, websites to cause losses. On 15 July 2018, the google competitor was adding the websites to an ad network hoping that it would be able to sell some ads on her behalf, because ntro employees, hathwar. kodancha are stealing all her leads, orders.
To punish the google competitor for trying to make money, the cruel sex animal ntro employees increased the radiation levels to such a high level in panaji, goa using the BSNL dongle, that the domain investor thought that her head would open due to the great pain. She immediately removed the bsnl dongle, and fled the room to avoid further damage to her body by the contract killer ntro employees