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    Due to radiation torture citizens are forced to wear shoes while doing computer work

    To cover up the government slavery racket,financial fraud the hardworking domain investor is being tortured in the worst manner in panaji, goa, and the ntro, raw, cbi employees are using the latest torture methods. One of the latest radiation torture techniques used in panaji, goa is attacking the feet of the domain investor when she is doing computer work.
    The domain investor is usually wearing paragon slippers, but since the feet are exposed, the pain continues.
    So only to protect the feet, the domain investor is forced to purchase cheapest shoes available which cover the feet.
    The domain investor is forced to purchase caps to cover her head because of the radiation attack, and now shoes are required in panaji goa, because of human rights abuses on citizens from poorer communities.
    Sometimes even at night the feet are being attacked, making it difficult to sleep at night, so shoes will be required for covering the feet.

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    Radiation torture, human rights abuses have restarted in panaji, goa

    One of the reasons why panaji, goa is hell for small business owners is the rampant human rights abuses on harmless business owners by the criminal well paid government employees, either security or ntro employees
    Earlier the criminal government employees of panaji, goa were using radiation torture to damage the brain cells, resulting in headache and mistakes in the work which was done.
    On 3rd october they are intentionally causing chest pain, so that it is very painful and forcing the domain investor to reduce the computer work she does