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    Due to radiation torture citizens are forced to wear shoes while doing computer work

    To cover up the government slavery racket,financial fraud the hardworking domain investor is being tortured in the worst manner in panaji, goa, and the ntro, raw, cbi employees are using the latest torture methods. One of the latest radiation torture techniques used in panaji, goa is attacking the feet of the domain investor when she is doing computer work.
    The domain investor is usually wearing paragon slippers, but since the feet are exposed, the pain continues.
    So only to protect the feet, the domain investor is forced to purchase cheapest shoes available which cover the feet.
    The domain investor is forced to purchase caps to cover her head because of the radiation attack, and now shoes are required in panaji goa, because of human rights abuses on citizens from poorer communities.
    Sometimes even at night the feet are being attacked, making it difficult to sleep at night, so shoes will be required for covering the feet.

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    Radiation torture, human rights abuses have restarted in panaji, goa

    One of the reasons why panaji, goa is hell for small business owners is the rampant human rights abuses on harmless business owners by the criminal well paid government employees, either security or ntro employees
    Earlier the criminal government employees of panaji, goa were using radiation torture to damage the brain cells, resulting in headache and mistakes in the work which was done.
    On 3rd october they are intentionally causing chest pain, so that it is very painful and forcing the domain investor to reduce the computer work she does

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    Internet connection made slow intentionally for radiation torture in panaji, goa

    Allegedly bribed by google, tata, the indian tech, internet companies, ntro, raw, cbi have run the biggest work at home fraud in the world , government SLAVERY racket using a combination of CYBERCRIME , CRIMINAL DEFAMATION racket making up FAKE team stories to get google, tata sponsored lazy greedy goan call girls, cheater housewives, scammer students and other frauds who do not spend any money for domains, raw/cbi jobs faking bank account, domain ownership at the expense of the real domain investor who is spending her time and money, yet getting nothing due to government SLAVERY.
    After being mentally and physically tortured for 11 years, the domain investor is exposing the government SLAVERY, CYBERCRIME.
    so when the internet connection is connected first, it is very fast since the FAKE ‘team member’ is allegedly working.
    The second time it is very slow, and also the domain investor is attacked on the stomach causing great pain, forcing her to disconnect the connection
    The connection is very slow so that the domain investor will remain seated, and the criminal government employees attacking her with radiation weapons can take better aim and cause more damage to the cells and more pain.

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    After using radiation torture for 11 years, now internet connection is blocked or very slow in panaji, goa



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    When investors from rich and powerful communities like domain fraudster greedy gujju stock trader R&AW employee amita patel charge Rs 6 lakh per person for training ( at least Rs 60 lakh monthly), they are not falsely labelled a security threat, they are not tortured and no rumors of freezing their bank account are spread. In contrast the domain investor is making very less money, yet because she is from a poor community, with no one to help or defend her, she is tortured in panaji, goa every time she is receiving a small amount of money Rs 6000 from her clients
    Since the radiation torture for 11 years since 2010, was not effective in destroying the health of the domain investor, now the internet connection of the single woman domain investor is blocked or very slow in panaji, goa , with speeds of 5 kbps or 10 kbps to waste the time of the domain investor and cause great losses.

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    Pen ink dries due to radiation used to cause insomnia in panaji, goa after online financial fraud is exposed

    After wasting a huge amount of time, and money complaining, finally some officials, banks have realized that ntro, raw, cbi are openly involved in a massive online fraud. So to punish the domain investor for exposing their FINANCIAL FRAUD since 2010, the local government agencies in panaji, goa are torturing the domain investor, so that she is not able to sleep at night for the last 10 days or more.
    The government agencies are using some kind of radiation to cause insomnia, because the ink in all the pens has dried
    Usually the pen ink is flowing smoothly, only today, the pens are not working, since radiation is used for causing insomnia in panaji, goa

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    Radiation weapons used for torturing in panaji again, causing fatigue

    One of the main reasons why it is difficult to be productive in panaji, is because of financial fraud, the human rights abuses, with radiation weapons being used to torture the domain investor, killing her cells, and making her very tired.
    On 21 April, 2021, the domain investor was feeling very tired, it appears that radiation weapons were intentionally used
    Usually the domain investor does not feel tired after writing for a few hours

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    Painkillers and anxiety medicines

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    Kindly note that all advertisements are provided by ad networks, the domain investor does not deal with any advertiser directly. Advertising is the only way free content can be provided, since webhosting, domain renewal fees have to be paid every year, and the domain investor does not get help from any government or other agency since ntro falsely claims that websites of private citizens belong the goan bhandari CALL GIRL r&aw employee sunaina chodan, who offers them sex services and other google, tata sponsored sex service provider, cheater, robber, fraud raw/cbi employees like robber riddhi nayak caro who do not spend any money on domains . The ad network reduces ads if any ads are rejected, so to pay domain renewal fees ads are copy pasted. Due to extremely poor internet connectivity in panaji, goa, the websites advertised cannot be checked

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    Mobile phone again used for radiation attack in panaji, goa

    One of the main reasons why the domain investor does not visit her mailing address often is because she is often attacked using radiation weapons when outdoors using the mobile phone for tracking
    At 4.41 pm on October 1, 2020, the domain investor was attacked when she crossing st inez creek in panaji, goa to cause great pain in the waist. The mobile phone was used to track her exact location and then attack her, causing pain which was extremly unbearable.
    The domain investor moved the bag with the mobile phone to the other shoulder and yet the pain continued because some cells may have got damaged. Fortunately the domain investor is not very slim so hopefully only the fat cells are damaged, not the internal organs

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    DRDO formally announces use of Directed energy weapons

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    The newspapers reported that DRDO was planning to use laser directed energy weapons(DEW) in india against enemy missiles and similar targets
    However the mainstream media does not report, that the DEW were used against harmless citizens like domain investor for nearly 7-8 years to destroy her health, income, cause great pains, because powerful companies and officials hated her
    Some government employees are getting huge BRIBES for using these weapons against harmless citizens to destroy their health from large companies and their stooges

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    Radiation torture has resumed in panaji, goa


    For a few years, the level of radiation torture in panaji, goa had reduced, the domain investor was not facing any major problem.
    However, in the last few days, the radiation toture has again increased , especially after the banking fraud of the raw/cbi employees was exposed.
    The radiation levels are very high at the house of the domain investor.
    The radiation torture is increasing the memory loss, so it is risky to leave home.