NTRO now using new torture weapon causing chest pain on domain investor exposing their BANKING, ICANN FRAUD

Indicating the rampant human rights abuses, corruption in NTRO, for the last few days, NTRO is using a new wireless torture weapon causing chest pain on domain investor exposing their BANKING, ICANN FRAUD .
The domain investor is experiencing the pain only when she is sitting in front of her laptop, indicating that a hitech torture weapon is being used in panaji, goa,
The pain caused by the weapon is very mild, and disappears after some time, yet the domain investor has to be careful
Any information on this hitech torture weapon of ntro will be greatly appreciated

Ceiling of room collapses because of radiation exposure

one of the reasons the domain investor is unable to stay at her mailing address is that she was targetted for intense radiation torture using the most hitech equipment available in India
In addition to causing damage to the human body, the radiation can also damage the building structure
the bedroom was subjected to intense radiation exposure since the officials were ruthless in murdering her
usually rainwater will cause damage to the structure, in this the radiation damage to the ceiling in the room is far more, with a large chunk falling off.

Radiation torture used to erase memory of a large number of citizens, especially women engineers all over india

Radiation torture used to erase memory of a large number of citizens, especially women engineers all over india
The domain investor is always complaining loudly if anyone tortures her, yet it appears that indian Security and intelligence agencies have erased the memory of a large number of citizens without a legally valid reason
A teenager whose mother studied engineering was surprised that his mother forgotten all science and maths, and she was consulting google to solve his queries
while older people are forgetful, it appears that middle aged citizens in India are also being targetted for memory erasure without a legally valid reason.

Unless people realize that the memory erasure is a crime on them and start protesting loudly, more citizens will also have their memory erased without a legally valid reason.

Senior citizen tortured in the worst manner using radiation weapons for refusing to pay

In goa, radiation weapons are increasingly used to take revenge on any person who they have a grudge against
For example in July-August a senior citizen was tortured in the worst manner to erase his memory, because he refused to pay. the radiation levels near his bed were extremely high
He became extremely forgetful
Unlike the domain investor who understands the damage caused, most people do not understand the problem, and refuse to protect themselves

NTRO again criminally tortures the google competitor for exposing their banking fraud, corporate espionage


To reduce the revenues of the google competitor, domain investor, the bribe taking , liar, fraud ntro employees have replaced the ad code on a website with a malware, after stealing the password, falsely claiming national security.

On 5 September 2018, the google competitor was trying to change the theme for her book review website, so she checked the earlier code, as she had to use the code on the new theme, and found that malware was pasted instead of the ad network code.

Immediately the BSNL connection was used for radiation torture, the google competitor experienced extreme back pain, and was forced to leave the laptop

High radiation levels make it difficult to clean the room

ntro, raw, cbi are justifying the identity theft, because the room is messy, however, they refuse to admit the fact, that they used the most sophisticated torture weapons on the domain investor without a legally valid reason, causing great pain, and ruining her life.
Even the room where the domain investor is sitted is flooded with radiation, so sitting on the floor is the only way to escape
For cleaning a room, the domain investor has to move freely in the room, yet because the radiation and microwave burns caused, it is impossible to move freely in the room and clean it up
The cruel animal like ntro employees only talk about the messy room, they do not discuss their TORTURE of a harmless private citizen using hitech WIRELESS TORTURE METHODS, without any legally valid reason for more than 9 years since 2010.

NTRO ruthlessly tortures harmless engineer in panaji, goa on world TORTURE day

Herald reported that June 27, was celebrated as world torture day in Margao.

They did not report how the cruel liar cruel fraud ntro employees ruthlessly tortured the harmless single woman engineer, whose identity, memory, correspondence they are robbing to enjoy lifetime FREE SEX with the google, tata supplied goan call girls sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, naina chandan,get monthly salaries their robber cheater relatives riddhi nayak caro, nayanshree hathwar, indore fraud veena, asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees in panaji goa

NTRO has a sophisticated equipment which can cause great pain at the back of the neck and head using wireless methods, and they were using it to torture the engineer the whole day, causing great pain and making it difficult to focus on the work being done. Similarly at night, ntro used high tech wireless equipment to cause insomnia at night in panaji, goa, so the engineer is unable to do much writing and other work on June 28, 2019, also

Hence because of the torture of the BRIBE TAKING LIAR ROBBER CRUEL ntro employees in panaji, goa, the engineer is unable to do much writing work on both world torture day, and also the next day, indicating the rampant human rights abuses of harmless citizens in panaji, goa with no one willing to help the citizens in any way, because wireless technology is being used

NTRO new torture method targets the back of the neck of harmless indian citizens

Monster ntro employees led by j srinivasan do not face any professional or social censure for human rights abuses, torture of harmless private citizens who are treated worse than animals, indicating the widespread rot in Indian society

In India there are many organizations which are fighting for animals rights like PETA, there is no one fighting for prevention of cruelty to harmless indian citizens by the cruel animal like ntro employees like j srinivasan, who are wasting indian taxpayer money to cause them great pain daily using the latest torture equipment acquired by ntro

In a clear indication of the worsening condition of harmless educated women in India whose identity is ROBBED by ntro employees to enjoy free sex with tata supplied call girls, get jobs for their lazy greedy relatives, bribes, ntro is now using a new torture method for causing pain to the engineer
The domain investor is subjected to a new torture method, and she is experiencing pain at the back of her neck in panaji, goa
This forced her to purchase some caps, however they are not covering the area behind the neck
Monster ntro employee j srinivasan still refuses to acknowledge that he is doing something wrong, he has no right to torture a harmless private citizen without a legally valid reason using the latest wireless technology

Domain investor again criminally assaulted using radiation weapons by government employees in panaji, goa

After their BANKING, ONLINE FRAUD was exposed finally in 2019, the ntro employees have increased their criminal attacks using radiation weapons in June 2019. The attacker is very active in the evening.

On 7 June 2019, after the domain investor purchased some bread, the criminal government employee attacked her at St Inez,Panaji causing great pain at around 6.30 pm
On 8 June 2019, again at around 6pm, the criminal government employee again attacked her in Campal, Panaji, causing a very severe headache . A gujju housewife was asked to offer cut plants so that she would remain at one place, and could be attacked with weapons.

It appears that the domain investor will be forced to switch off her mobile to prevent attacks in future

It appears that the panaji gujju sex queen cbi employee school dropout gujju housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh and has regular sex with top officials, has joined the indore robber raw employees veena, deepika, in bribing the criminal security agency employees to criminally attack the domain investor at every possible opportunity to cause great pain, to cover up their BANKING, ONLINE FRAUD , hence there is an increase in attacks.

NTRO again causes headache increasing radiation levels

NTRO is ruthless in harassing, torturing citizens for exposing their sex, bribery racket, banking fraud
On 6 June 2019, they again have increased the radiation levels in panaji, goa, making it extremely difficult for citizens to sleep at night
All people in some houses are waking up due to the radiation level increase.
It is a clear case of abuse of power, the NTRO employees have no legal right to increase the radiation levels, they are using it to cause insomnia and harass whoever they hate.

These animals in human form who are hired by the indore criminal gang of R&AW employee deepika, veena and her husband also caused a severe headache, and the domain investor was not able to sleep after 3.30 am, due to the criminal gang of google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees including riddhi caro nayak

Due to the criminal attack of the banking fraudster raw/cbi/ntro employees in panaji, goa, the domain investor is forced to cancel her plans for the day, and will not be able to go shopping today, indicating the great losses which the criminal ntro/raw/cbi employees are causing.

This is an indication of the endless human rights abuses on harmless indian paypal account holders in panaji, goa by indian government agencies