NTRO again criminally tortures the google competitor for exposing their banking fraud, corporate espionage


To reduce the revenues of the google competitor, domain investor, the bribe taking , liar, fraud ntro employees have replaced the ad code on a website with a malware, after stealing the password, falsely claiming national security.

On 5 September 2018, the google competitor was trying to change the theme for her book review website, so she checked the earlier code, as she had to use the code on the new theme, and found that malware was pasted instead of the ad network code.

Immediately the BSNL connection was used for radiation torture, the google competitor experienced extreme back pain, and was forced to leave the laptop

Google’s favorite pampered School dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina’s lovers criminally attack engineer for exposing the gujju fraudster naina

though the shameless liar cheater gujju identity theft gang hiding behind Google’s favorite pampered School dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh, illegally marrried at 16, is aware the shameless lazy greedy pamperd gujju semiliterate housewife is not doing any work online, she is only watching television and looking after her family, the top gujju officials are shameless cheaters and liars falsely claiming that the gujju school dropout, who has never operated a computer is working online, so that the greedy shameless gujju fraudster naina gets a cbi salary at the expense of the engineer, domain investor and google competitor who is actually spending her time and money online.

When the google competitor, modified the content of the website to expose the sneha wagh look alike gujju fraudster housewife naina, the lovers and sugar daddies of the gujju cheater housewife naina, immediately attacked the engineer with radiation weapons
The engineer experienced chest pain due to the radiation attack and was forced to leave the computer

It is a reflection of indian and goan society that shameless fraudsters and liars like the gujju school dropout housewife naina , her lover parmar, chainsmoking moustachiod husband, and other frauds who are openly involved in a major real estate, banking, online fraud since 2010., are considered respectable, and given great powers falsely claiming that school dropouts are engineers

Radiation torture of google competitor continues in panaji, goa by sex animal ntro employees continues

As part of the google, tata masterminded PROSTITUTION, BRIBERY RACKET, BANKING, financial, identity theft fraud on a harmless google competitor, engineer and domain investor, whose identity has been stolen by NTRO employees for 10 google, tata supplied goan call girls, cheater housewives and fraud raw/cbi employees, the engineer continues to be stalked and tortured, causing very great pain
On 21 August 2018, the sex animal ntro, security agency employees freelancing for google, tata after getting sex, money bribes, criminally assaulted the harmless engineer in panaji, goa causing great pain, memory loss, forcing her to flee the area.

On 22 August 2018, at around 12.20 hours panaji’s sex animal criminal government employees again criminally assaulted the engineer with radiation weapons causing great pain, headache., though she was not doing any work on the computer or online, clearly indicating that these criminal government employees are stalking the engineer closely

A reward of Rs 10,000 cash is offered for information of the name, designation, photo, video of the sex animal criminal government employees of panaji in action, torturing harmless indian citizens as ordered by their bosses in google, tata

Radiation blast causing great pain after activating debit card

One of the major problems of using any debit or credit card, is that ntro tracks the location and subjects the domain investor to high intensity radiation blast causing great pain, memory loss
On 20 august 2018, the domain investor was subjected to a major radiation blast in panaji, goa at her home, causing great pain, memory loss and making it extremely difficult to live in the house from 4 pm to 5 pm after she was forced to activate the debit card of a bank
The bank is now charging customers a large amount of Rs 100 for making cheque and cash payment for the credit card bill, so she was forced to activate the debit card for making the credit card payment
Due to damage to brain cells, pain caused by microwave radiation levels , the domain investor forgot the camera which had to be recharged, and was forced to make another trip to her house

Hitech torture methods used to ensure that home team wins cricket matches

India had defeated England 4-0 in the test series which ended in 2017 when England visited India, and now India is down 2-0 in England within a year. This could be because high tech torture techniques are increasingly used to ensure that the visiting team is not mentally and physically fit, and cricketing skills are not important or relevant.

India has become notorious for using high tech torture techniques like memory reading,radiation, insomnia to ensure that some citizens are not mentally fit, their health is ruined, their productivity adversely affected, after stealing their identity. The advantage of using these techniques is the deniability, the person who is targetted using this method, will not be able to identify the cause, since wireless technologies are being used.

For example the hitech torture techniques have been used on the domain investor owning this website, and she cannot sleep at night , forcing her to work online, The next day she is also unable to do work, her memory is adversely affected. The home team has a distinct advantage as the local intelligence and security agencies have the equipment required for torture, while the visiting team has limited resources.

The indian government is fairly brazen in using the hitech torture method on some citizens,like this domain investor for more than 8 years since 2010, and it does not care if the harmless citizen complains loudly about the torture, explaining the technology

Google competitor tortured with high radiation levels while working offline again in panaji, goa

The ntro, raw, security agency employees in panaji, goa are extremely ruthless in stalking and torturing the harmless google competitor whose identity they have stolen, making her a slave, to get bribes, enjoy free sex, get jobs for their lazy greedy fraud relatives.

In August 2018, the google competitor was not even connected to the internet, she was doing some work offline on another laptop, yet bribed by google, tata, the sex animal contract killer ntro employees continue to ruthlessly stalk and torture the engineer, domain investor in panaji, goa, causing great pain.

Only when the google competitor covers her head with a cap to shield against the radiation torture in panaji, goa will the pain reduce to some extent

Radiation torture continues in panaji, goa when internet connection is used

Earlier the google competitor was experiencing radiation torture, great pain, mainly when the BSNL connection was being used, however on 31 July 2018, she is experiencing great pain when the Airtel connection is being used.
The pain is so severe, that the domain investor, google competitor is forced to flee the room
Wearing a cap reduces the pain to some extent, however the pain is so great, that it is advisable not to use the internet connection to the extent possible

BSNL connection used to increase radiation levels

NTRO continues to torture the google competitor whose resume,savings, correspondence and memory they have stolen without a court order or legally valid reason since 2010.

In July 2018, they continue to use the BSNL connection to track the google competitor and increase the radiation levels accordingly causing severe headache and very great pain. The connection will expire on 23 July 2018

So the google competitor is forced to minimize the time spent online, to avoid experiencing great pain, despite covering her head.

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Radiation levels increased drastically to torture google competitor in panaji,goa

Not satisfied with stealing savings, identity, correspondence and memory and everything from the google competitor, the money, sex bribe taking criminal fraud liar cheater ntro employees are ruthless in stalking and torturing the google competitor
If she will do anything to increase her revenues the sex animal ntro employees who are contract killers for google,tata will immediately do everything possible to cause great pain to the google competitor, to ruin her health
After they have blocked all article writing work on iwriter, they are also not allowing her to monetize her domain names, websites to cause losses. On 15 July 2018, the google competitor was adding the websites to an ad network hoping that it would be able to sell some ads on her behalf, because ntro employees, hathwar. kodancha are stealing all her leads, orders.
To punish the google competitor for trying to make money, the cruel sex animal ntro employees increased the radiation levels to such a high level in panaji, goa using the BSNL dongle, that the domain investor thought that her head would open due to the great pain. She immediately removed the bsnl dongle, and fled the room to avoid further damage to her body by the contract killer ntro employees

Google competitor criminally assaulted again with radiation weapons when BSNL connection is used

The sundar pichai led google is ruthless in defaming, cheating and exploiting the harmless google competitors, bribing ntro employees to steal their identity, savings for sex workers and other frauds
Additionally the ntro employees are also instructed to torture the competitor with radiation weapons
On June 28, 2018, the google competitor had to inform a vendor about a payment which was made, so the BSNL connection was used.
Immediately the google competitor experienced very severe pain, headache as the BSNL sim card was used to trace the location and increase the radiation levels to cause microwave burns, extreme pain at around 3.44 pm.
When the BSNL USB dongle was removed, the pain immediately reduced, a clear indication that the dongle was used for transmitting dangerous radiation