pain,  torture

Politicians also tortured, endure pain

The indian mainstream media refuses to cover the torture using microwave radiation weapons, however the harsh reality of living in India, is that many citizens, including politicians are tortured using microwave radiation weapons causing great pain. These politicians and public figures, cannot complain, as the radiation torture is shrouded in secrecy especially in small towns , however the police and radiation shielding companies confirm that the torture with microwave weapons, causing burns is taking place.
In panaji, goa one of the most famous instances took place when a local politician was being interviewed after his panel won the local elections. The event was being broadcast on the local television channels, and the TV commentators were remarking that he does not appear to be very happy, looking at the expression on his face, despite his panel winning a majority in the elections.
The pained expression of the winning politician is typical of a radiation torture victim, however the cunning indian intelligence and security agencies have cunningly manipulated the complete lack of scientific temper in India, and any person who will complain about radiation torture is labelled as being mentally unsound, as there is no physical proof of the torture, though the pain is very real.