pain,  torture

Evading pain while using the internet

NTRO employees think they are doing a great favor allowing indian citizens to use the internet and when a person will use the internet, they will use different torture options to cause great pain, to “punish” the internet user. One option to avoid the torture is to disconnect the internet connection and leave the room immediately. However this will mean that no work is being done, as the paypal account holder is not allowed to work during the day also, falsely claiming commercial electricity. Other option available is to shield the body against the radiation attack to the extent possible.
The NTRO employees are using at least 4 different torture options to cause great pain attacking
– the brain, face
– arms and hand
– body
– causing heart pain
So while using the internet the laptop user has to cover himself or herself completely like a person who is being attacked physically. It appears that NTRO have different settings, equipment for each of these torture options which cause great pain.