NTRO, security agency employees causing pain are very ruthless, cunning

One of the facts about the NTRO, security agency employees who are torturing a harmless google competitor daily to cause great pain, with expensive microwave radiation weapons are extremely ruthless and cunning, like animals without any humanity at all. Though these hypocrite cunning government employees consider themselves to be ideal human beings, they will never be able to justify in an open debate how causing great pain to harmless indian citizens daily is an act of kindness and humanity.

These ntro, security agency officials, especially in goa, are aware of the fact that a person who is in great pain, will not be able to do any work for some time, and their victim spends most of her time, evading their attack, Thus these indian government employees living up to the prediction of the latest english prime minister that after the british leave India, the brahmins will treat other indian citizens very cruelly, worse than animals.

Just because google, tata have bribed these government employees, they are repeatedly stalking and torturing the harmless google competitor, domain investor daily with high power radiation to cause microwave burns and great pain. In some areas of panaji, the engineer cannot even sit in a place for 5 minutes continuously as one or more security agency, ntro employees will immediately attack her, causing great pain. The room is also flooded with radiation making it difficult to relax or sleep. As mentioned using the laptop during the day increases the attack, so she is not able to use the laptop during the day.

The most effective way to evade these government employees is to keep the mobile switched off and avoid using the laptop, internet .