pain,  torture

Pain directly proportional to time spent online

Usually the ntro employees will start torturing an internet user only after he or she is spending more time online. It appears that there is a central monitoring panel in NTRO for monitoring the internet usage of some indian internet users, based on the connections that they have taken, or the laptop that they are using. Most of these ntro employees are not very active before 8 am in the morning, so the internet can be used without much pain early in the morning.
However after 8 am daily, the NTRO and other government employees have no other work other than monitor the google competitor and attack her at the first possible opportunity to cause maximum possible pain. It appears that the charming good looking google, tata employees have demonized the harmless domain investor to such a great extent, that the ntro and other government employees do not treat the person they have targetted as a human being, and are ruthless in causing pain and mental stress.
So when the internet connection is used for more than 20 minutes continuously, especially after 8 am , the ntro and other government employees will start attacking the domain investor, increasing the radiation levels to cause the maximum possible pain.