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Torture of harmless domain investor well known in Goa

In a clear indication of how poorly governed India remains, the cruel criminal sex maniac ntro, cbi, and security agency employees continue to ruthlessly torture a harmless single woman domain investor because they have been allegedly bribed by google, tata and the greedy fraud relatives of the domain investor to cause great pain, ruin her health and slowly murder her since 2010, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money in the process.
Though she is a harmless innocent single woman who has not cheated or harmed anyone in her life , the cruel criminal tata, google, ntro, cbi and security agency employees are ruthlessly stalking and torturing her with directed energy weapons daily to cause great pain, making it impossible to work during the day or on the computer for a long time.
It appears that the local police and politicians are also aware of the fact that the harmless innocent domain investor is being tortured in the worst possible manner with directed energy weapons to cause very great pain, however they are unable to do anything about it, because some extremely powerful central government employees are involved in the torture and human rights abuses, allegedly bribed by google, tata in a clear indication of the complete lack of ethics, humanity of large companies in the indian internet and tech sector.