pain,  torture

Sunday has become pain day in goa

For most people sunday is a day to relax and enjoy, however the cruel criminal tata, google, ntro, cbi employees have made sunday a pain day for india’s largest female domain investor a harmless single woman obc engineer as they ruthlessly concentrate on causing maximum pain to her, with directed energy weapons used to cause very great pain, microwave burns.
Unlike other places, in Goa on sunday, most of the shops are closed, so these government employees have no other work, other than focussing full time on causing very great pain to the harmless single woman domain investor , forcing her to spend all her time and energy avoiding these criminal government employees. The cunning cruel government employees are also aware of the fact that the engineer and domain investor is at a particular location on sunday, cannot go out shopping, and focus entirely on causing greatest pain possible.
This tata, google masterminded and funded torture, pain of a harmless innocent single woman engineer has continued for 7 years now, when it will end, only time will tell , can google, tata justify how this torture is an act of humanity in an open debate.