I Have Become a Personal Assistant

It is certainly not something that I set out to do, although I was looking for a job and I went down to this movie studio to apply for a job. I was sort of surprised that they did not seem to be asking much about my qualifications, but instead they were interested in my temperament. I figured this out pretty soon after I met the guy I was working for. He got me to drive him to this chiropractor in Beverly Hills to start out and to put it bluntly there just is not any way to sugar coat the guy. He spent the entire time yelling at people on the phone and yelling at me. Then he got in a quarrel with the receptionist at the chiropractor. She said that he could leave and told him where he could go, apparently she had permission to say exactly what she said. I got tired of his yelling really quickly.

I stopped the car in the middle of the street and I got hold of the guy’s collar and yanked up him close enough that he could hear me whisper. Then I very quietly explained what I was going to do if he did not learn to speak to me in a reasonable tone. Of course I played middle linebacker in high school and I came close to getting some college scholarship offers, that has not been that long ago. I am quite sure that he believed me and obviously this job is not awesome enough for me to worry about it. Before long I managed to ditch this guy and they had me working for this really sweet old lady. She is an executive at the movie studio, apparently related to one of the people who founded the place.