pain,  torture

Sex maniac cruel criminal ntro employees make it difficult to comb hair

The Sex maniac cruel criminal ntro employees in panaji are quick to criticize the appearance of a harmless domain investor whose resume, investment they have stolen for goan and other frauds like riddhi siddhi sunaina , however these are cruel sex animal government employees who will not allow a woman to stay in a room while combing her hair, using high power radiation weapons to cause great pain, memory loss
Very often they are increasing the radiation levels in some rooms to very high levels causing great pain and memory loss to any person who will stand or sit in the room . For combing the hair properly, a person has to look into the mirror, however the radiation levels are intentionally increased by ntro employees in panaji, goa in the specific room to very high levels, so that no one can sit or stand in the room.
The radiation related pain will only reduce after leaving the area, often without looking in the mirror , in a clear case of abuse of power.