pain,  torture

Google’s contract killers again torture, criminally assault google competitor in panaji, goa

The indian media including ndtv is always fawning about google, most recently carrying news of how google acquired a 4 month start up from bengaluru, how it does not have the honesty, courage and humanity to carry the news of how google’s contract killers in ntro, security agencies are mercilessly torturing a harmless google competitor who had a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai, with radiation weapons almost daily in panaji, goa since 2010.

The google employees have developed a very sophisticated way of recruiting the contract killer indian government, ntro employees, google will ensure that the relatives, sex partners and friends of the contract killer indian government employees get raw, cbi, indian intelligence employees for impersonating the google competitor,

Again on 13 July 2017, google’s contract killers in panaji, goa again stalked and increased the radiation levels around the google competitor greatly causing burning sensation in the skin, headache, great pain and memory loss, forcing her to flee the room, leaving her work incomplete, making it difficult to work during the day.