I Broke Both of My Arms

Being on my own has never bothered me before. I was married when I was younger, but we realized we were better off as friends than spouses. Since then, I have not tried to even place myself into any kind of relationship. There were no negative consequences to this until I broke both of my arms. Thankfully, I was still able to go to the bathroom by myself, but I did have to look into home care in Florida because I was completely on my own with no one to help me with everything else.

I was not worried about the money aspect because I have a very healthy savings account. I was just concerned about how I was going to bathe, wash my hair, do my laundry and get to doctor appointments without having the full use of both arms. I am so grateful to Tri County Home Care because when I called them to explain my situation, they were able to start helping me that same day. I thought it would be awkward having another woman bathe me, but she was so professional about it that I soon forgot to even be self conscious about it.

I only needed their services for about four weeks, which is when I began therapy. They told me that they offer physical therapy services as well, but I was itching to get out of the house by that point. I was still grateful for all they had done though. Not only was I treated with compassion and respect, but I also had a lot of great conversations with the women who were sent to my house to help me. I am glad that I no longer need their services, but I do miss some of the companionship that I had on a regular basis for a while. Maybe it is time for me to stop being such a recluse after all!