even the americans know about the contract killer indian government employees hired by google, tata, indore criminal R&AW employees veena, deepika

In addition to stealing the memory, correspondence, resume, investment of a harmless google competitor the cruel criminal fraud tata, google employees and the 10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI employees like indore criminal R&AW employees veena, deepika are also hiring contract killer animal like indian government employees for stalking and slowly murdering the harmless google competitor using radiation weapons
It is well known worldwide that the indore criminal R&AW employees veena, deepika, goan fraud raw/cbi employees are criminally torturing with radiation weapons the harmless google competitor, whenever she will receive any money in her paypal account as these google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees and their associates are closely monitoring the paypal account which these fraud R&AW/CBI employees falsely claim to own, to get a monthly indian government salary
So to reduce the human rights abuses of the contract killer raw/cbi/ntro employees, now the domain investor is not receiving money in her paypal account for some domain sales , as some registrars only allow credit

PROSTITUTE pampering panaji government employees resume their radiation torture

Though income tax records, bank details will prove that google, tata sponsored slim lazy greedy goan obc bhandari R&AW employee panaji pampered PROSTITUTE sunaina chodan 2013 bsc does not have a paypal account and does not own any domain name, website, the PROSTITUTE pampering panaji cruel criminal government employees and j srinivasan continue to give great powers to the goan sex worker, ruthlessly stalk and torture the harmless obc bhandari single woman engineer whose resume, investment goas vvip goan obc bhandari sex worker R&AW employee falsely claims to have
On 19 september 2017, the PROSTITUTE pampering panaji government employees again increased the radiation levels so much so that the obc bhandari single woman engineer, domain investor and google competitor could not even sit in the room, due to the pain caused by microwave radiation burns
It is another indication of how ruthless the PROSTITUTE pampering panaji government employees are in stalking and causing great pain to the harmless obc bhandari single woman engineer, domain investor, trying to cause cancer

Panaji SEX animal fraud cruel criminal NTRO employees resume their torture of google competitor

Not satisfied with free sex with the google, tata sponsored goan sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi, and jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends with fake resumes, the cruel criminal NTRO employees in panaji, goa are ruthless in stalking and torturing a harmless google competitor, domain investor with radiation weapons causing very great pain.
On September 3, 2017, it appears that cruel criminal sex animal ntro employee in panaji, goa was trying out some new torture weapon on the obc bhandari engineer and domain investor at around 14.15 hours causing very great pain
When the domain investor moved away the pain immediately reduced, a clear indication that directed energy weapons were being used in panaji, goa to damage the brain cells, causing great pain.