I Had to Get a Second Job

Of course I want to get enough money to handle Christmas without it being an issue and stopping my plan to save up enough money to buy a small house. At any rate there is a really large bar within walking distance of my house and I know the guys that run the place. Usually there are very few problems, but people are drinking and when people drink stuff can happen. I got into the middle of something stupid and at the end of it I had to go see a Petaluma chiropractor. Like a lot of things there was a woman involved, although in truth it seems not to have had very much to do with her. The guy who started the brawl thought this other guy had stolen his girlfriend, but no one else was on the same page as this guy. In fact they say that the girl was not ever really his girlfriend, and the guy that he jumped had almost nothing to do with anything. He had no clue what it was about.

I just was trying to do my job, which is sort of whatever they need to have done. They have plenty of bouncers and they showed up pretty quickly, however I got into the middle. There were about eight or nine guys pushing and shoving, most of them not trying to get too dramatic. I fell and landed on a beer bottle that had been knocked off of a table. That hurt a good deal and it apparently moved one or more of my vertebra out of the proper place. I knew the next morning that something had to be done and so I started trying to figure out which chiropractor I needed to see. You want to pick one that does what you want safely.