One Simple Thing Now Helps Many Sick People Around the Country

My grandmother had cancer for 2 years. I feared that we would lose her, but she is now cancer-free. It was not an easy road for her, but the fact that she had the ability to use Marlton medical marijuana during her journey really helped her get through it all a little bit easier. I am so grateful that lawmakers in my state now see how helpful it would be to legalize it so that people who are suffering can have a better life. It makes me happy that our country is changing for the better and that people are waking up to how important it is to help one another.

My grandmother and I have always been close. When I was just a little girl, my mom had to work long hours to support me. Mom worked a full-time job, and she also had to take on extra work beyond that in order to cover all the bills that she had. My grandmother stepped in and babysat me whenever she could. This really helped Mom out. This also helped me and my grandmother to become as close as we have over the years. When I learned that my grandmother had cancer, I feared that she would not make it. I was not ready to lose the relationship that we have. She is only in her seventies. To me, that young age means that she is too young to leave this world just yet.

It was hard to watch my grandmother suffer during the treatments she needed like chemo and radiation. But that changed when her physician wrote out a prescription for medical marijuana that helped her through all of the pain that comes with those treatments. My grandma said she never thought she would see the day that she would actually use this natural product, but she is grateful that she had the ability to do so.