Sports Turned My Life Around

Playing sports is beneficial for people for a number of reasons. I know some enter into this arena because they are just physical beasts while others do it because of the competitive nature of most sports games. For me, I did it because I wanted to socialize more. I was very shy, and I thought that this might help me break out of my shell. It did that, but I discovered that I just love sports in general too. I even started seeing a Santa Barbara chiropractor because I knew that I was going to put my body through a lot, and I wanted to take care of myself too.

This all happened when I was in college. I tried out for the football team as an unknown, but it turns out that I have some pretty great moves in this body of my mine. I can evade three people right in front me to get a first down most of the time, but that means that my body takes a lot of abuse too. It was one of the trainers on the team who suggested that we all look into chiropractic care to keep our bodies in optimal condition.

Even without an injury, regular chiropractic care can be so beneficial. The more I read up on this before making my first appointment, the more I realized that I definitely wanted a chiropractor as part of my medical team. I get regular adjustments now, and I have never felt better. I can get tackled by hundreds of pounds of players every few minutes during a game, and I can take the abuse in stride. I always make sure that i get an adjustment within a day of a game too, because that gets me back in shape for training for the next match up even faster.