We Just Finished Moving Again

We needed to get a new apartment and so we started to look around, trying to find something that was good for the both of us. She has a new job in the office of a Beverly Hills chiropractor and I still work downtown, so we are on the wrong side of the metro area right now. It is obvious that nothing we pick is going to be ideal or even close to it, but it is going to be pretty easy to find a place which is better than what we have now. Aside from the location there is a really big problem with this place. The parking lot is simply not well lit and it is scary to go out there after the sun goes down. Of course a thief is going to love the fact that no one is going to be able to see them. Some of the tenants plug up lights on their balconies and point them down towards their cars to deter the people that break into cars.

Then there are a couple of our neighbors who have decided that they hate one another and the two of them have set out to make all of the other tenants hate them. The police have come there about four times in the past three months, but someone could call them just about every single weekend. Those guys start drinking and then they can not control the urge to act like a big fat jerk. In fact we are sort of thinking about renting a house for a couple of reasons. Firstly there would be no neighbors to act like idiots, or at least they would not be on top of you. Also in the best location for us that seems to be a bigger likelihood for us to find.