NTRO again causes headache increasing radiation levels

NTRO is ruthless in harassing, torturing citizens for exposing their sex, bribery racket, banking fraud
On 6 June 2019, they again have increased the radiation levels in panaji, goa, making it extremely difficult for citizens to sleep at night
All people in some houses are waking up due to the radiation level increase.
It is a clear case of abuse of power, the NTRO employees have no legal right to increase the radiation levels, they are using it to cause insomnia and harass whoever they hate.

These animals in human form who are hired by the indore criminal gang of R&AW employee deepika, veena and her husband also caused a severe headache, and the domain investor was not able to sleep after 3.30 am, due to the criminal gang of google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees including riddhi caro nayak

Due to the criminal attack of the banking fraudster raw/cbi/ntro employees in panaji, goa, the domain investor is forced to cancel her plans for the day, and will not be able to go shopping today, indicating the great losses which the criminal ntro/raw/cbi employees are causing.

This is an indication of the endless human rights abuses on harmless indian paypal account holders in panaji, goa by indian government agencies