Senior citizen tortured in the worst manner using radiation weapons for refusing to pay

In goa, radiation weapons are increasingly used to take revenge on any person who they have a grudge against
For example in July-August a senior citizen was tortured in the worst manner to erase his memory, because he refused to pay. the radiation levels near his bed were extremely high
He became extremely forgetful
Unlike the domain investor who understands the damage caused, most people do not understand the problem, and refuse to protect themselves

NTRO again criminally tortures the google competitor for exposing their banking fraud, corporate espionage

To reduce the revenues of the google competitor, domain investor, the bribe taking , liar, fraud ntro employees have replaced the ad code on a website with a malware, after stealing the password, falsely claiming national security.

On 5 September 2018, the google competitor was trying to change the theme for her book review website, so she checked the earlier code, as she had to use the code on the new theme, and found that malware was pasted instead of the ad network code.

Immediately the BSNL connection was used for radiation torture, the google competitor experienced extreme back pain, and was forced to leave the laptop