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    fraud cruel shivalli brahmin NTRO employees torture single woman engineer after bengaluru brahmin RAW employee nayanshree COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING FRAUD is exposed

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    The fraud cruel shivalli brahmin NTRO employees were aware that their relative 2005 bbm nayanshree hathwar was only cooking, housekeeping in her house in bengaluru, she was not doing any computer work, yet in a BARTER DEAL with the fraud ntro employees j srinivasan, mhow monster puneet, they agreed to help these frauds in their career, if these frauds gave fake references of a btech 1993 ee degree to the brahmin cheater nayanshree , stealing the identity of the single woman engineer, their real engineering classmate who they hate

    Due to the coronavirus, it has become necessary to identify who is doing the work at home, and it is clear that R&AW employee nayashree hathwar is only cooking, housekeeping, she does no computer work at home. After the fraud was exposed,. the domain investor is being tortured, using a new ntro torture technique which is causing neck pain.