After using radiation torture for 11 years, now internet connection is blocked or very slow in panaji, goa



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When investors from rich and powerful communities like domain fraudster greedy gujju stock trader R&AW employee amita patel charge Rs 6 lakh per person for training ( at least Rs 60 lakh monthly), they are not falsely labelled a security threat, they are not tortured and no rumors of freezing their bank account are spread. In contrast the domain investor is making very less money, yet because she is from a poor community, with no one to help or defend her, she is tortured in panaji, goa every time she is receiving a small amount of money Rs 6000 from her clients
Since the radiation torture for 11 years since 2010, was not effective in destroying the health of the domain investor, now the internet connection of the single woman domain investor is blocked or very slow in panaji, goa , with speeds of 5 kbps or 10 kbps to waste the time of the domain investor and cause great losses.