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    Radiation torture increase for complaining about government SLAVERY in indian internet sector

    The domain investor cannot sleep at night because the fraud companies running india’s greatest online, financial fraud, government SLAVERY racket are extremely ruthless in torturing her for complaining about the financial fraud, government SLAVERY
    panaji goan bhandari raw employee cheater sunaina chodan never did any computer work, never paid for any domains or expenses,has no online income yet for 11 years the indian, goa government, RAW is making fake claims about scammer sunaina to give her , monthly government salary, great powers including robbing all the correspondence of the real domain investor, single woman engineer , at the expense of the single woman engineer,. domain investor, who is making great losses because of the government fraud on her
    this government SLAVERY of refusing to acknowledge the computer work done by the domain investor, single woman engineer is causing great losses, so she is complaining. In all other sectors, the government acknowledges the workers spending their time, only online workers are ruthlessly tortured and exploited.Yet instead of having the honesty and humanity to end the government SLAVERY since 2010, the companies, government employees allegedly j srinivasan have only increased their human rights abuses, radiation torture, due to which the single woman engineer cannot sleep at night,.