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    Extremely high radiation levels used to torture domain investor after government SLAVERY racket exposed

    worldwide everyone is paid for the work they do even at home, like maidservants, cooks, prisoners , if they spend their time working
    Since 2010, LIAR top Tech, internet companies, government agencies have been running one of most brutal ruthless government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUDS, work at home, online frauds in the world, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING hardworking harmless online workers, investors, then refusing to acknowledge the the time they spend, the money they invest and falsely claiming that those who criminally defame, their associates, relatives are doing all the work, spending the money, to give them great powers, no work, no investment government jobs with monthly government salaries
    Due to widespread fraud and cheating in india, top tech and internet companies have been able to run their government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUDS, work at home, online frauds without being questioned so that the relatives, friends of top government employees like greedy gujju stock trader amita patel become extremely rich and powerful for FAKING domain ownership, while the real domain investor has to do the work of 10-15 people alone while making very less money, far less than a maidservant due to the ruthless of the fraud internet companies, government agencies and government employees like j srinivasan making fake claims about raw employees his favorite CALL GIRL panaji goan bhandari sunaina chodan, bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree, wife of fraud tata power employee guruprasad, accenture employee short slim architect telugu trisha, goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, gurugram cheater who do no computer work at all
    the indian government is blindly repeating the LIES of its SHAMELESS FRAUD employees especially from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay who hate their female classmate, CRIMINALLY DEFAME her so that they can ROB all her data and make fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends to get them no work, no investment jobs in the indian internet sector
    Now after RUNNING the most brutal government SLAVERY, the domain investor is complaining on forums regarding the government SLAVERY, how the government acknowledges the work done by all other citizens, only in the internet sector , the government is CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the online workers, and is making FAKE CLAIMS about its sindhi school dropout, goan call girl, housewife and other fraud employees who do not spend time and money
    After the government SLAVERY was exposed, the well paid CYBERCRIMINAL raw/cbi employees BRIBED the local officials to increase their human rights abuses using radiation torture, due to which the domain investor, online worker, government SLAVERY victim cannot sleep at night. Usually the radiation levels are increased for only for an hour, on 31st october, the radiation levels were increased through out the day, causing pain and memory loss.

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    Radiation torture used to cause pain to domain investor while purchasing food

    Taking taking advantage of dishonest corrupt bhandari/obc leaders/officials led by goan bhandari CHEATER chodankar, naik only interested in promoting their lazy greedy relative panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL raw employee sunaina chodan, the sugar baby of CHEATER brahmin top government employee employee j srinivasan, puneet, the CUNNING shameless gujju , sindhi scammers are extremely aggressive in criminally defaming the non-goan bhandari domain investor, a single woman engineer and then falsely claiming that they own her paypal, bank account, domains, to get a monthly government salary for kolhapur/panaji school dropout housewife naina premchandani and her scammer sons pune axe bank manager nikhil, karan, other fraud raw/cbi employees like panaji goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, haryana human monster gurugram cheater ruchita kinge , at the expense of the real domain investor

    To cover up the massive financial fraud, government slavery, the sindhi scammers are closely monitoring the domain investor and trying to cause accidents, harass her to the extent possible. Since the government refuses to end its financial fraud on the domain investor, single woman engineer which started in 2010, the domain investor is paying her credit card bill by cheque. Visiting the bank to make the payment is time consuming, leaving her with no time for cooking meals, so the domain investor wanted to purchase some fast food for family members.

    Yet showing the extent of torture, human rights abuses, when the domain investor was waiting for the food to get packed, she was brutally tortured using radiation weapons causing headache and pain. Due to radiation torture, the melatonin production is adversely affected and now she cannot get sleep at night td

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    Extremely high levels of radiation used to torture the domain investor after getting a new sim card

    The government slavery, financial fraud racket of the top tech and internet companies, government agencies on the domain investor who is criminally defamed is extremely lucrative for these companies and some government employees
    Due to the writing fraud of raw/cbi making fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees who do not do any writing work, the domain investor is not getting any writing work on iwriter and video watching is one of the few options to make some money since greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel with net worth of Rs 100 crores and other fraud raw/cbi employees refuse to purchase the domains, despite getting a monthly government salary.
    Since video watching is consuming more data, the domain investor decided to purchase a new sim card. The extremely greedy shameless cheater tech and internet companies running one of the greatest financial frauds, government slavery have been extremely vicious in criminally defaming the domain investor, falsely calling the harmless single woman a security threat without any legally valid proof
    After the domain investor got a new sim card for additional data, the radiation levels have been increased to torture the domain investor, causing pain and insomnia at night.

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    Radiation torture resumes after the resume robbery of cheater, domain fraudster raw/cbi employees is exposed

    As part of the work at home fraud of the top tech and internet companies, cheater, domain fraudster raw/cbi employees used stolen data to make fake claims about doing computer work, online income, domain ownership, their resume, savings and getting a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor.
    However, there is one major difference in the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees and the real domain investor who the cheater raw/cbi employees are looting of Rs 15 lakh annually since 2010, the place of birth which cannot be changed, though corrupt government employees will manipulate records if they are offered sufficient bribes.
    Usually people are getting support from their birthplace and when the domain investor visited her birthplace, the domain fraudster raw/cbi employees great online fraud, resume robbery was exposed. Radiation torture had greatly reduced in the last one year, and now it has resumed again causing a severe headache and memory loss whenever the domain investor leaves her house.

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    High radiation levels damage cells and cause insomnia

    The domain investor usually avoids going outdoors to the extent possible because she has very powerful enemies
    These enemies are extremely aggressive in harassing her, doing everything possible to ruin her health
    If the domain investor will go shopping in the vicinity,it appears that these powerful people have recruited someone to monitor her closely
    It appears that radiation levels are increased to damage the cells which produce melatonin
    Due to lack of melatonin, the domain investor cannot sleep at night, and instead of wasting time trying to sleep it is better to do some writing work.

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    new wireless torture device makes victim totally disoriented

    In addition to government SLAVERY, financial fraud since 2010, the harmless domain investor is also subjected to human rights abuses without a legally valid reason.
    In the latest example of torture, the new wireless torture device used, left the victim totally disoriented, the victim could not think clearly, the nervous system was affected
    So the domain investor remained at home, and could not do any important work since she was likely to make a mistake due to the disorientation caused. This another example of how criminal defamation is used to cause human rights abuses to harmless citizens.

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    greedy goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee ROBBER riddhi nayak caro’ husband CHEATER caro increases radiation levels in room

    The domain investor is a harmless private citizen, engineer, the domains are always available for sale. Yet happily married greedy goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, her husband CHEATER caro working in security agencies are extremely aggressive in stealing the resume, savings, data of the single woman engineer,goa 1989jee topper who they HATE, criminally defame , refuse to leave single woman engineer alone though she has left goa more than 16 months ago.
    Cheater caro is using radiation weapons and now the radiation levels are very high in the room causing headache, pain.

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    Radiation torture, sleep deprivation is used extensively to torture harmless online exporters

    Indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google,tata, government agencies like raw/cbi are openly involved in massive FINANCIAL, ACCOUNTING FRAUD, human rights abuses hiring, paying monthly government salaries to goan CALL GIRLS, cheater housewives like GREEDY goan gsb fraud housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro and other frauds who have no paypal income and then falsely claiming that these lazy greedy fraud employees who do no computer work, do not invest money in domains, own the paypal,bank account, domains including this one of a private citizen, single woman engineer

    To cover up the accounting,financial fraud, cybercrime, Indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google,tata, government agencies like raw/cbi are CRIMINALLY defaming her as idle and are also torturing her with the latest wireless technology to cause insomnia at night, and increasing the radiation levels during the day,to cause headaches, especially when she receives paypal payment

    When their lazy greedy FRAUD employees like panaji GREEDY goan gsb fraud housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, whose husband CHEATER caro,fraud father nayak working in security agencies , indore robber raw employee deepika/veena, bengaluru brahmin cheater nyanshree are mainly COOKING, CLEANING for their crooked husband, why does the indian government, raw/cbi want to make fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees, that the bank account of a private citizen, belongs to government employees especially from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay, torture the private citizen daily.

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    radiation weapons used when resume theft of raw/cbi employees faking their address is exposed

    One of the reasons the domain investor remains at home, because radiation weapons are used to torture her, causing great pain,whenever she is outdoors or even leaves the door open.
    since greedy fraud states like haryana,gujarat,goa,madhya pradesh are ruthless in SLANDERING,CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the domain investor to cover their massive FINANCIAL FRAUD, CYBERCRIME, government SLAVERY RACKET to get 10-15 lazy greedy frauds,mostly happily married women like bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree from these states no work, no investment government jobs at the expense of the hardworking single woman, the domain investor is leaving the door open when there is some electrical or plumbing repair work
    \Yet showing how ruthless government agencies are in HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES using radiation weapons to cover up the FINANCIAL FRAUD of 5 greedy liar states, high intensity radiation was used on the domain investor when the door was kept open causing a severe headache.
    The radiation is damaging the brain cells, adversely affecting memory so the domain investor was forced to leave the room and a lot of her time was also wasted
    Now due to the radiation damage, it is also difficult to sleep at night